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Hedene Heather Honey - La Riviere Confiserie

Hedene Heather Honey



>Caramel flavored with an amber color
and scented, it has nice caramel and fruity overtones.

With an amber color, this refined honey has fruity and caramelized overtones. Its liquid texture makes it unique because, unlike a creamy honey, it spreads on crisp breads like jam. It is delightful and is known for its tonifying virtues. .

Emblematic flower of South-West slopes, Hédène heather honey is harvested in Landes. Its amber color tinted with orange nuances looks inviting for savoring. With its caramelized notes, Hédène erica heather honey has an incomparable sweetness. It is perfect with pancakes, cheese or lukewarm brioches. It is an authentic honey with intense and long-lasting scents and a light aftertaste of bitterness. Its flavor is very nice, fruity but also caramelized, for a genuine journey through the senses.

Erica heather blossoms from June to October. Honey is then harvested at the beginning of autumn.


Hédène heather honey wonderfully matches with detox drinks. It perfumes them with delicacy. Its fruity and caramelized notes bring sweetness and greed to a refined detox break.

CHEESE PAIRING NOTES: With an extra-old comté, ripened during three hours, this is an incredibly refined match. Heather honey’s solid chips burst in the mouth with the cheese’s tyrosine crystals. Dense and woody, the cheese changes in a salted caramel pastry on contact with heather honey. However, the association is more than a consensual sweetness, each protagonist has its own character.

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