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About us

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 Petit Paris Market

  • Founded in December 2015, La Riviere Confiserie is an importer and purveyor of fine French candies, delectable savories and elegant gifts for the table and the home.
  • Our candies are sold by the piece, bag or gift box in store.
  • In addition to our exclusively imported French candies, we sell French Fiaencerie (including bridal sets, place settings, tapas dishes and candy dishes) olive oils, flavored vinegars, biscuits, spreads for breads, cheese jams and honeys and children’s candies (from our special in-store “Candy Bar”).
  • Our in store Candy Bar lets children and families select their favorites as single pieces or small bags as gifts, treats or party favors.
  • Many of our imported candies and savories are made without preservatives or artificial ingredients and are distinguished by the French Republics EPV award.
  • We are proud to exclusively import Henri Le Roux CBS caramels, chocolates and jams.
  • Requests for custom wedding favors are welcomed! No order is too big or too small.




Fine, all-natural ingredients. Artisanal, family-owned French award winning manufacturers. Quality. Heritage. Elegance and Whimsy. Together they create La Riviere Confiserie. 

In all of our products, quality is key. Many of our items feature natural ingredients, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients and many are produced using the same quality recipes passed down through generations of French families.

We are proud to support the French traditions that create our quality imports and we strive to strengthen the cultural connections that unite France and the United States through New Orleans. Some of our candies have been made by hand the very same way since the reign of Louis XIII!

We are committed to celebrating and preserving French regional heritage, rare confiserie skills, traditional mastery and historic trade originating along the rivers of France, the US and across the Atlantic. Our confiserie imports some of the same French candies families enjoyed in La Nouvelle Orleans over three hundred years ago.
Visit our store to experience the feel and flavor of Paris … the best of France, direct to New Orleans!