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Gift Holiday or Corporate


Let us put together something for your entire staff or an individual gift for your friend, boss or loved one. We have a fine selection of French confections, savory essentials, and hand painted dishes. Call us at 504-891-1026 for any questions or preferences. If you would like a customized gift basket for a special event, we are standing by to assist you. You can also send an email to customerservice@petitparismarket.com 

$15 options: Henri Le Roux, Mazet or Michel Cluizel chocolate bar; sachet of caramels or callisons; candied nuts; or nougat

$30 options: Box of callisons; tin of pate de fruit; or candy assortment of chocolate, nuts, or caramels

$50 options: Gien mug; savory set of oils and spices; or artisanal candy assortment of chocolate, nuts, caramels or pate de fruit

$100 may include: Gien platter or set of 2 Gien mugs; Gien candle + 2 chocolate bars; semi-precious jewelry piece; 5 monofloral French honeys; artisanal candy assortment of chocolate, caramels, candied nuts, pate de fruit, nougut, cookies, or hard candies. 

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